PET - Plain English Taxonomy

ARF_115_0A: AMA - Regulatory capital
Australian Business Number Institution Name
Reporting Period Scale Factor  
Quarterly Millions to one decimal place
Reporting Consolidation
Level 1 / Level 2
Section A:   Summary of AMA regulatory capital
1.1. AMA regulatory capital
1.2. AMA regulatory capital before insurance offsets
1.3. Insurance offset amount
1.4. Insurance offsets as a percentage of AMA regulatory capital before insurance offsets
1.5. AMA regulatory capital before expected loss offsets
1.6. Expected loss offset amount
1.7. AMA risk-weighted asset equivalent amount
Section B:   AMA regulatory capital mapped to business line
  Regulatory capital
2.1. Corporate finance
2.2. Trading and sales
2.3. Retail banking
2.4. Commercial banking
2.5. Payment and settlement
2.6. Agency services
2.7. Asset management
2.8. Retail brokerage
2.9. Not otherwise allocated
2.10. Total
Section C:   AMA regulatory capital mapped to event type
  Regulatory capital
3.1. Internal fraud
3.2. External fraud
3.3. Employment practices and workplace safety
3.4. Clients, products and business practices
3.5. Damage to physical assets
3.6. Business disruption
3.7. Execution, delivery and process management
3.8. Total