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Other Information for Life Insurance and Friendly Societies - Archived

Letters, notes and other information 
29/05/2009 Letter to all CEOs: Commencement of life and general insurance capital project
19/03/2009 Letter to Life Insurers and their auditors: Use of Fair value and Reclassification of Financial Assets
18/03/2009 Letter to all CEOs: Survey of APRA-regulated Institutions and Other Stakeholders
24/11/2008 Letter to Life Insurers: Capital Requirements for Government Guaranteed Debt instruments
08/05/2008 Audit requirements for forms to APRA under the Financial Sector Collection of Data Act 2001 - Letter to CEOs
07/02/2008 Withdrawal of Circular C.I.1 - Derivatives - Use, Management and Control
​February 2007 ​Information release: APRA ASIC Working Group Status Report
​October 2006 ​Information Paper: Pandemic Planning
06/03/2006 Prudential Treatment of Capitalised Software Costs
25/11/2005 Changes to life company statistical returns (Prudential Rules No 26 and 31)
30/09/2005 Changes to life company financial statements (Prudential Rules No 35) and Contract classification (new Prudential Rules)
24/02/2005 Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards: Prudential Approach I Fair value and Other Issues
08/11/2004 Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards:Prudential Implications Overview Paper
26/10/2004 The International Association of Insurance Supervisors has recently released for consultation a Draft Standard on Disclosures Concerning Investment Performance and Risks for Insurers and Reinsurers.
29/07/2004 APRA’s approach to International Financial Reporting Standards
04/12/2003 Survey on The Adoption of International Accounting Standards
28/08/2003 Quality of APRA Statistical Returns - Life Insurers
05/07/2002 Treatment of Bank Deposits
01/07/2002 Friendly Society Supplementary Quarterly Return
18/06/2002 Prudential Rules 48
04/12/2001 Custodian Requirements
20/07/2001 Prudential Rules 47
26/04/2001 Corporations Amendment Regulation 2000 (No 7) - Part 12.4
20/07/2001 Variation of Prudential Rules 47 - Friendly Society financial statements
06/10/2000 Approved Benefit Fund Rules - Prudential Standard 2
08/09/2000 Annual Reporting Requirements to APRA
07/04/2000 Approval of Amendment of Benefit Fund Rules
​March 2000 ​Information Paper: APRA's Policy Reform Program
21/09/1998 Risk Management Statements: Auditor Responsibilities
01/05/1998 Year 2000 and Other Critical Date Errors Embedded Within Computerised Systems: The Year 2000 Problem
01/05/1998 Aged Care Facilities

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