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Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions Points of Presence

The ADI Points of Presence publication is a detailed annual listing of the banking services provided to Australians by authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs). The data covers many types of service channels including face-to-face and electronic banking facilities. The individual points of banking presence are categorised using the Accessibility and Remoteness Index of Australia (ARIA) which classifies the locations according to accessibility or remoteness.
Current issue
The publication is available in three formats: an Adobe PDF version which contains the key statistics for the most recent year; a Microsoft Excel version which contains the complete time series of key statistics from June 2017; and a Microsoft Excel database version which contains the underlying data from June 2017 for further analysis. A set of explanatory notes and a glossary to assist the reader in understanding the data and statistics within the publication are also available below.
For reasons set out in the section on historical ADI PoP Statistics, this inaugural edition of the streamlined ADI PoP publication only contains data for the June 2017 reporting period. 
June 2017 (released 2 March 2018): PDF | Excel | Database |
                                                          Explanatory notes | Glossary
Forthcoming issues
The June 2018 edition of the ADI PoP Statistics publication will be released on 23 October 2018.
Historical ADI Points of Presence Statistics
On 23 September 2015, APRA released a discussion paper on proposed changes to its ADI Points of Presence statistics and data collection. In the discussion paper, APRA proposed to either streamline or cease the PoP statistics and data collection.
After considering the submissions from ADIs and industry associations, APRA released a Response to Submissions with the conclusion that APRA should continue to collect and publish PoP statistics, but in a modified form. 
Revisions to both the format of the publication and the underlying data collected mean the historical and new statistics are not directly comparable. The June 2016 edition of the publication - the last edition based on the superseded data collection - will remain available below for users that are interested in the historical data.
The June 2016 edition of the publication is available in three formats: a PDF version containing the summary of changes and trends; a Microsoft Excel version containing a longer time series of the summary of ADI Points of Presence within Australia; and a Microsoft Excel database containing the data in raw format and Bank@Post information.
June 2016 (released 24 August 2016): PDF | Excel | Database
For more information about the statistics in these publications:
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