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Letters, notes, articles, papers and general advices for Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions

Date ​Publication
​September 2016 ​​Information Paper: 2015/16 Cyber Security Survey Results PDF
​December 2015 ​​Information Paper: The countercyclical capital buffer in Australia PDF
July 2015 Information Paper: Outsourcing involving shared computing services (including cloud) PDF
December 2013 ​Information Paper: Domestic systemically important banks in Australia PDF | HTML
​June 2009 ​Letter to Editor: APRA has published on its website a letter submitted to The Australian after it published a story containing numerous inaccuracies PDF | HTML
​July 2008 Information Paper: ​The Utilisation of Internal Loss Data in the Measurement and Management of Operational Risk in Australian AMA Banks PDF | HTML
April 2008 ​Information Paper: Developing Business Environment and Internal Control Factors for Operational Risk Measurement and Management PDF | HTML
​November 2007 ​Information Paper: A Review of Correction Techniques for Inherent Biases in External Operational Risk Loss Data PDF | HTML
​September 2007 ​Information Paper: Applying a Structured Approach to Operational Risk Scenario Analysis in Australia PDF | HTML
​February 2007 Information release: APRA ASIC Working Group Status Report ​ PDF | HTML
​October 2006 ​IMF Country Report: Australia: 2006 Article IV Consultation - Staff Report; and Publication Information Notice on the Executive Board discussion
​October 2006 ​Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP): Australia - Detailed Assessment of Observance of Standards and Codes
​October 2006 ​Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP): Australia - Supporting Materials for Assessment Against the Basel Core Principles - IMF Financial Sector Assessment Program PDF | HTML
​October 2006 ​Information Paper: Pandemic Planning PDF | HTML
​September 2006 IMF - Financial System Stability Assessment
​May 2005 ​Survey results: Residential Valuation Practices by ADIs and LMIs
​April 2005 Australian Discretions for the Internal Ratings-based (IRB) Approach to Credit Risk and Securitisation PDF | HTML
​May 2003 ​Technical Paper: Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book PDF | HTML
​January 2003 ​Report on Broker-originated Lending: Results of a Survey of Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions Undertaken by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
​April 2001 Information Paper: Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision- Self Assessment for Australia
​March 2000 ​Information Paper: APRA's Policy Reform Program PDF | HTML
​October 1999 ​Submission to the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision: Credit Risk Modelling: Current Practices and Applications PDF | HTML