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Monthly Banking Statistics

The Monthly Banking Statistics publication provides selected information on the banking business of individual banks within the domestic market.

It contains high-level breakdowns of the domestic assets and liabilities of each bank as well as more detail on loans & advances to and deposits by different sectors of the economy. Information on securitisation activity is also included. Both Australian-dollar denominated transactions and the Australian-dollar equivalent of foreign-currency denominated transactions are included.

Current Issues of Monthly Banking Statistics

The publication is available in two electronic formats, Adobe PDF for printing and Microsoft Excel for further analysis. The PDF format is designed to be printed double-sided to accommodate tables that spread over two pages. 

February 2018 (released 29 March 2018): PDF | Excel | Glossary

Back Series of Monthly Banking Statistics

Back Series of Monthly Banking Statistics are available for download in a single Excel spread sheet. 

Analysis of revisions – Monthly Banking Statistics

Analysis of revisions – Monthly Banking Statistics (released 30 June 2015): PDF

This paper provides an analysis of the revisions to the Monthly Banking Statistics publication from January 2013 to December 2014 and notes the intention to improve the identification of any future revisions.

Forthcoming issues

The Monthly Banking Statistics will be released on the APRA website by close of business on the last business day (within NSW) of every month. The data to be released will be for the previous calendar month.

Explanatory notes

Unless otherwise stated, the statistics within this publication relate to the operations/transactions conducted with residents that are recorded on the domestic books of licensed banks. They provide information on the banking business of individual banks within the domestic market.

Because of the restricted scope, the statistics can not be expected to reconcile with the published accounts of licensed banks or consolidated groups.

The domestic books of a bank has the following scope:

  • includes operations/transactions booked or recorded inside Australia;

  • does not consolidate Australian or offshore controlled entities;

  • includes transactions of Australian-based offshore banking units;

  • excludes transactions of overseas-based offshore banking units;

  • excludes offshore branches; and

  • excludes transactions, assets and liabilities with offshore branches.

A resident is an individual, business or other organisation domiciled in Australia. Australian branches and Australian subsidiaries of foreign business are regarded as residents. Foreign branches and foreign subsidiaries of Australian businesses are regarded as non-residents.

Source of data

The statistics in this publication are sourced from the ARF 320.0 Statement of Financial Position (Domestic Books) returns that banks submit to APRA under the Financial Sector (Collection of Data) Act 2001.

A blank copy of the return and associated instructions are available from this website following this link.

APRA uses its best endeavours to present the information it receives accurately.

Historical Data

Balance sheet data prior to March 2002 were published in the Australian Banking Statistics.

Please note that due to changes in bank reporting requirements that came into effect in March 2002, a series break is evident between the two publications. Different items are contained within each publication and the definitions of these items have also changed. In particular:

  • The Monthly Banking Statistics contains only resident data while the Australian Banking Statistics contained both resident and non-resident data.

  • The Monthly Banking Statistics includes the Australian-dollar equivalent of foreign currency transaction in the data, while the Australian Banking Statistics excluded foreign currency data.

  • The Monthly Banking Statistics discloses intra-group deposits and loans as separate items, while the Australian Banking Statistics included intra-group deposit and loan data in totals.

Data prior to January 1990 were published in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette; enquiries should be addressed to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.


For more information about the statistics in this publication:


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