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Quarterly ADI Property Exposures statistics

This quarterly publication provides bank, credit union and building society aggregate statistics, comprising data on commercial property exposures, residential property exposures and new residential loan approvals. Banks are classified as major banks, other domestic banks, foreign subsidiary banks and branches of foreign banks.
Current Issues of Quarterly Authorised Deposit-taking Institution Property Exposures (QPEX)
The publications are available in two electronic formats: Adobe PDF which contains data from the past five quarters for printing, and Microsoft Excel which contains the full time series for further analysis. A glossary to assist the reader in understanding the data and statistics within the publication is also available below.
  • Quarterly Authorised Deposit-taking Institution Property Exposures -December 2017 (released 13 March 2018): PDF | Excel | Glossary
Authorised Deposit-taking Institution Selected Feature
On 29 November 2016, the Quarterly Authorised Deposit-taking Institution Property Exposures  statistics were accompanied by a selected feature that provides an overview of authorised deposit-taking institutions' commercial property exposure limits.
Source of data
Data for the publication is sourced from returns submitted by APRA-regulated ADIs under the Financial Sector (Collection of Data) Act 2001.
For blank copies of the returns and associated instructions, click here.
Future Release Dates
The March 2018 edition of QPEX will be released on 21 June 2018.
Further information:
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