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Letter to ADIs: Financial sanctions against Iran - amended Annex

21 July 2010

Please note the attached self-explanatory letter from the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Sanctions against Iran - amended Annex

The Reserve Bank of Australia, following a directive from the Australian Government under the Banking (Foreign Exchange) Regulations 1959, currently administers financial sanctions against several Iranian entities and persons not already listed by the United Nations Security Council.

The Australian Government has reviewed the list of persons subject to financial
sanctions and has directed the Reserve Bank to add one new person and two new entities to the Annex of names. The amended Annex now contains 12 persons and 11 entities, and can be accessed via the Reserve Bank website at:

An electronic copy of the updated Annex of names in Excel format is also available from the Reserve Bank website at:

Yours faithfully
Anthony Dickman
Acting Secretary