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Australian Banking Statistics

Due to the new reporting arrangements that have been put into place for the banks, and the change in legislation under which we collect financial data (from the Banking Act 1959 to the Financial Sector (Collection of Data Act) 2001), the last release of the Australian Banking Statistics is for March 2002. Data from March 2004 onwards can be found in the Monthly Banking Statistics publication.


Table 1: Liabilities on Australian Books of Individual Banks

Table 2: Assets on Australian Books of Individual Banks

Table 3: Deposits and Lending on Australian Books of Individual Banks

New South Wales



South Australia

Western Australia


Northern Territory

Australian Capital Territory

Other Territories

Table 4: Liabilities of Individual Banks as at Annual Balance Date

Table 5: Assets of Individual Banks as at Annual Balance Date

Table 6: Statement of Profit and Loss of Individual Banks

Table 7: Number of Branches in Australia

Table 8: Number of Agencies in Australia

Table 9: Deposits Repayable in Australia - RBA Table B2

Table 10: Foreign Currency Liabilities - RBA Table B6

Table 11: Foreign Currency Assets - RBA Table B7

Table 12: Prime Assets - RBA Table B8

Table 13: Certificates of Deposit - RBA Table B11

Table 14: Bank Bills Outstanding Classified by Holder - RBA Table B12


Back Issues of Australian Banking Statistics

Data from Australian Banking Statistics are available for download in three separate formats:

Portable document

Click here for a copy of Australian Banking Statistics (Tables 1-3) in pdf format, which is suitable for on-screen viewing and printing.


Click on a heading in the Contents above to download a copy of the table in wks format. You can open these files in almost any spreadsheet program.


Click below for asset and liability data in txt format, suitable for importing into a database:

Data prior to January 1990 were published in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette; enquiries should be addressed to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.


or write to:
Manager, ADI and RFC Statistics
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
GPO Box 9836
Sydney NSW 2001