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Insurance and Superannuation Bulletin Article Index

Please note that not all editions of the Bulletin are still available. However, copies of individual articles may be obtained by contacting the APRA Research and Statistics Unit.
December 1998
  • Australian Prudential Regulation Authority's Organisation Structure
  • Focus on Public Sector Superannuation
  • Superannuation Coverage Update
  • Eligible Rollover Funds
  • Guide to the Australian Retirement Income System
  • Australian Securities & Investments Commission Information Release
September 1998
  • APRA's mission statement
  • Investment management expenses
  • The growth in member contributions
  • Focus on PSTs
  • Use of investment managers in the general insurance industry
June 1998
  • Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
  • Superannuation fund administration - latest analysis
  • Focus on excluded funds
  • Underwriting patterns in general insurance
  • Update on Retirement Savings Accounts
  • Life company ownership trends
March 1998
  • Complaints and the life insurance industry
  • Focus on Approved Trustees
  • Prudential Management Certificates
  • Member investment choice - analysis update
  • Assets of the general insurance industry
  • Ownership patterns in the financial sector
  • More on superannuation contributions
  • Superannuation survey methodology review
December 1997
  • Implementation of financial systems reforms
  • Australian institutional investment in Asia
  • Access to health records: new ACT legislation
  • Life insurance industry distribution channels
  • Supervision Lloyd's in Australia
  • Premium trends for direct insurers
  • Focus on defined benefit funds
  • Joint Forum on financial conglomerates
  • Improvements in average life expectancy
September 1997
  • WTO agreement on financial services
  • The four pillars supporting the insurance sector
  • Y2K - the millennium bug and superannuation
  • Infrastructure investment
  • Using investment managers - the US experience
  • Focus on corporate superannuation
  • How reliable are the figures in the ISC Bulletin
  • Life insurance asset allocation profiles
  • General insurance industry update
June 1997
  • Financial institutions June 1997
  • International Association of Insurance Supervisors
  • Focus on mastertrusts
  • Preservation in the Public Sector Superannuation Scheme
  • Computers, the internet, consumers and business
  • Eligible Rollover Funds
  • ISC Bulletin readership survey
March 1997
  • Prudential regulation under Wallis
  • Retirement Savings Accounts
  • More on superannuation contributions
  • A progress report on member investment choice
  • Superannuation fund administration - latest analysis
  • The Australian reinsurance market
  • Growth trends in the investment management market
December 1996
  • Overview of the general insurance market
  • More about the investment management industry
  • Sales distribution in the life insurance industry
  • Direct derivative usage by superannuation funds
  • Update on superannuation fund numbers
  • Superannuation coverage and contributions
  • Direct marketing of general insurance products
September 1996
  • Ten practical drawbacks of a disclosure only regime for the insurance and superannuation sectors
  • The market for superannuation service providers
  • The shifting market of life office premiums
  • Overview of the investment management market
  • Superannuation and the equities market
  • Superannuation investment performance
June 1996
  • ISC submission to the Wallis Inquiry (Executive Summary)
  • Trustee disqualification - an AAT case study
  • Actuarial Advisory Committee update
  • The restructuring superannuation industry
  • Member investment choice - the latest analysis
  • The declining market share of defined benefit funds
  • How reliable are the figures in the ISC Bulletin
March 1996
  • Consistent regulation of investment advice
  • Superannuation benefit payments
  • Superannuation coverage update
  • Contributions, transfers and member growth
  • Overseas investment of Australia's superannuation savings
  • Excluded fund update
December 1995
  • Estimating superannuation contribution flows
  • Some background facts about superannuation in Australia
  • Structuring asset portfolios
  • Providing quality independent financial advice
September 1995
  • Welcome to the ISC Bulletin
  • Understanding Australia's superannuation industry
  • Regulation of derivatives by the ISC