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Annual Superannuation Bulletin

The Annual Superannuation Bulletin provides information on the whole of the superannuation industry.

Current Publication

The publications are available in two electronic formats: Adobe PDF for printing (containing data for the most recent periods) and Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

APRA reissued the June 2013 Annual Superannuation Bulletin to improve the usefulness of APRA statistics to users.
APRA revises its statistical publications when better source data becomes available or when compilation errors are uncovered. APRA identifies and quantifies significant revisions in its statistical publications.
APRA may reissue a statistical publication prior to the publication’s next scheduled release. Reissue will depend on the importance of the items affected, the magnitude of any uncovered error, and the time to the next scheduled release. APRA will alert publication subscribers at the time of reissue.


June 2013 (revised 5 February 2014):

Past Publication

APRA has re-released the June 2012 Annual Superannuation Bulletin to reflect revisions and movements in the industry since the publication was released in January 2013.

June 2012 (revised 5 February 2014): PDF | Excel

Forthcoming issues

On 28 May 2015, APRA released a discussion paper seeking submissions on the proposed format and content of annual superannuation statistics to be publicly released by APRA following the implementation of revised reporting requirements. The discussion paper is available here.


Source of data

Data in the Annual Superannuation Bulletin have been prepared from the following sources:

  • Superannuation returns submitted to APRA under the Financial Sector (Collection of Data) Act 2001. For blank copies of the returns and associated instructions click here;

  • Data from annual returns submitted to APRA by select exempt public sector superannuation schemes in Australia. There are 19 exempt public sector schemes that report to APRA under a Heads of Government agreement between the Commonwealth and each of the State and Territory Governments;

  • Data provided by the Australian Tax Office in respect of self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs);

  • Data provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on superannuation assets held with investment managers. The specific figures used are derived from the ABS publication 5655.0 - Managed Funds in Australia;

  • Returns submitted to APRA under the Life Insurance Act (1995) by registered life companies in Australia; and

  • Returns submitted to APRA by retirement savings account providers under the Retirement Savings Account Act (1997).


For more information about the statistics in the publications:


Or write to:

Manager, Superannuation Statistics
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
GPO Box 9836
Sydney NSW 2001