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Registrable Superannuation Entities (RSEs) Reporting Forms and Instructions

Reporting forms and instructions  
You can download the forms and their instructions individually:
Current reporting forms and instructions
Form Name
Ad Hoc
Profile and Structure (Baseline)
Selected Disclosure of Investments– Version A1 SRF 110.1 (A)
Selected Disclosure of Investments – Version B1
SRF 110.1 (B)
​​Operational Risk Financial Requirement

SRF 114.0 Instructions 

Operational Risk Financial Requirement

SRF 114.1Instructions

​Wind up

​Defined Benefit Matters

SRF 160.0Instructions 

​Wind up
​Defined Benefit Member Flows

SRF 160.1 ​​Instructions 


SRF 161.0 ​​​Instructions 

​Acquired Insurance

SRF 250.0 ​​​Instructions 

​Statement of Financial Position

SRF 320.0​Instructions 

SRF 320.0Instructions ​Wind up
​Statement of Financial Position

SRF 320.1 ​​​​Instructions 

​Statement of Financial Performance

​SRF 330.0 ​​​​Instructions 

SRF 330.0 ​​​​Instructions ​Wind up
​Statement of Financial Performance

​​SRF 330.1 ​​​​​Instructions 

​Statement of Financial Performance

​​SRF 330.2 ​​​​​Instructions


SRF 331.0 ​Instructions 

​Accrued Default Amounts

SRF 410.0 ​​Instructions 

​Wind up
​Responsible Persons Information

​SRF 520.0 ​​Instructions

SRF 520.0 ​​Instructions

​​SRF 530.0 ​​​Instructions

​Investments and Investment Flows

​​​SRF 530.1 ​​​​Instructions 

​Investments Flows

​​​SRF 531.0 ​​​​Instructions 

​Investment Exposure Concentrations

​​​SRF 532.0 ​​​​Instructions 

​Asset Allocation

​​​SRF 533.0 ​​​​Instructions 

​Derivative Financial Instruments

​​​​SRF 534.0 ​​​​​Instructions 

​Securities Lending

​​​​SRF 535.0 ​​​​​Instructions 


​​​​SRF 540.0 ​​​​​Instructions 

​Profile and Structure (RSE licensee)

​​​​SRF 600.0 ​​​​​Instructions 

​Profile and Structure (RSE)

​​​​SRF 601.0 ​​​​​Instructions 


SRF 602.0 ​​​​​​Instructions 

​Membership Profile

​​SRF 610.0Instructions 

​Changes in Membership Profile

​​​SRF 610.1 ​​Instructions 

​Wind up
​Membership Profile

​​​SRF 610.2 ​​Instructions 

​Product Dashboard

SRF 700.0 ​​Instructions

SRF 700.0 ​​Instructions
​Investment Performance

​SRF 702.0 ​​Instructions

​Fees Disclosed

SRF 703.0 ​​​Instructions

SRF 703.0 ​​​Instructions
​Conditions of Release

SRF 710.0 ​​​Instructions 

​SuperStream Benchmarking Measures

​​SRF 711.0 ​​​Instructions
​Financial Statements

SRF 800.0 ​​Instructions 

​Wind up
​Investments and Investment Flows

​SRF 801.0 ​​Instructions 

​Fund Profile (for RSE licensees of SAFs/SMADFs only) ​SRF 802.0 ​​Instructions
 1 RSEs with assets equal to and greater than $50m, except SAFs and SMADFs
 For further information, please e-mail