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Public Offer Entities


Licence No. Name of RSE Licensee
L0000550 AMP Superannuation Limited
L0002783 AUSCOAL Superannuation Pty Ltd
L0003384 Aracon Superannuation Pty Ltd
L0001441 Australian Ethical Superannuation Pty Ltd
L0002554 Australian Executor Trustees Limited
L0000895 Australian Meat Industry Superannuation Pty Ltd
L0000796 AustralianSuper Pty Ltd
L0002035 Austsafe Pty Ltd
L0000147 AvSuper Pty Ltd
L0002691 Avanteos Investments Limited
L0001090 BT Funds Management Limited
L0001076 BT Funds Management No. 2 Limited
L0002158 BUSS (Queensland) Pty Ltd
L0000956 CARE Super Pty Ltd
L0000307 CSF Pty Limited
L0001304 Challenger Retirement and Investment Services Limited
L0000918 Christian Super Pty Limited
L0000802 ClearView Life Nominees Pty Limited
L0000529 Club Plus Superannuation Pty Ltd
L0002196 Colonial First State Investments Limited
L0002769 Colonial Mutual Superannuation Pty. Ltd.
L0000574 Electricity Supply Industry Superannuation (QLD) Ltd
L0001373 Energy Industries Superannuation Scheme Pty Ltd
L0002127 FSS Trustee Corporation
L0001144 Fiducian Portfolio Services Limited
L0003049 First Super Pty Limited
L0000611 Guild Trustee Services Pty. Limited
L0000109 H.E.S.T. Australia Ltd.
L0000093 Host-Plus Pty. Limited
L0000406 I.O.O.F. Investment Management Limited
L0001427 IFM Investors (Nominees) Limited
L0000413 Industry Funds Investments Ltd
L0000352 Kinetic Superannuation Ltd
L0002981 L.U.C.R.F. Pty. Ltd.
L0000178 LGIAsuper Trustee
L0002585 Legal Super Pty Ltd
L0001281 Macquarie Investment Management Ltd
L0000130 Maple-Brown Abbott Ltd
L0000932 Maritime Super Pty Limited
L0000338 Media Super Limited
L0001069 Motor Trades Association of Australia Superannuation Fund Pty. Limited
L0002523 N. M. Superannuation Proprietary Limited
L0000161 NESS Super Pty Ltd
L0000567 NGS Super Pty Limited
L0001007 NSF Nominees Pty. Limited
L0000192 Netwealth Investments Limited
L0000741 Nulis Nominees (Australia) Limited
L0001755 Oasis Fund Management Limited
L0000673 OnePath Custodians Pty Limited
L0003315 Perpetual Superannuation Limited
L0000277 Prime Super Pty Ltd
L0003391 QSuper Board
L0001489 Questor Financial Services Limited
L0000314 Rei Superannuation Fund Pty Limited
L0000055 Retail Employees Superannuation Pty. Limited
L0002264 SCS Super Pty. Limited
L0000154 Sandhurst Trustees Limited
L0002394 State Super Financial Services Australia Limited
L0000291 Sunsuper Pty. Ltd.
L0001151 Super Members Investments Limited
L0000246 T W U Nominees Pty Ltd
L0000642 TAL Superannuation Limited
L0000680 Tasplan Pty Ltd
L0001311 Telstra Super Pty Ltd
L0000925 Unisuper Limited
L0000604 United Super Pty Ltd
L0000468 Vicsuper Pty Ltd
L0001137 WA Local Government Superannuation Plan Pty Ltd
L0001083 Westpac Securities Administration Limited