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Regulation Impact Statements

The Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) process seeks to assist government officials to move towards ‘best practice’ regulatory design and implementation by requiring the completion of a detailed cost-benefit analysis.

Preparation of a RIS formalises and documents the steps that should be taken in making regulation. It provides a consistent, systematic and transparent process for assessing alternative approaches to regulatory problems. It includes an assessment of the impacts of the proposed regulation, and alternatives, on different groups and the community as a whole. The primary role of the RIS is to improve government decision-making processes by ensuring that all relevant information is presented to the decision maker when a decision is being made.

​date RIS ​title
​January 2018 Residential mortgage requirements for authorised deposit-taking institutions
​December 2017 Revisions to the prudential framework for large exposures
​November 2017 ​Common Equity Tier 1 capital instruments for mutually owned ADIs
​December 2016 Basel III liquidity: the net stable funding ratio and the liquid assets requirement for foreign ADIs
​November 2016 Revisions to the prudential framework for securitisation​
​October 2016 Margining and risk mitigation for non-centrally cleared derivatives - October 2016
​March 2016 Banking exemption order for religious charitable development funds
​April 2015 Basel III disclosure requirements: leverage ratio; liquidity coverage ratio; the identification of potential global systemically important banks; and other minor amendments
​November 2014 Banking exemption order for Registered Financial Corporations
​January 2014 Harmonising cross-industry risk management requirements
​December 2013 Implementing Basel III liquidity reforms in Australia
​June 2013 Basel III disclosure requirements: composition of capital and remuneration
​June 2013 Superannuation reporting standards
November 2012​​ Superannuation prudential standards
​September 2012 Implementing Basel III capital reforms in Australia (updated November 2012)
​May 2012 Life and General Insurance Capital Review
June 2011​ Revocation of Prudential Standard APS 150 and Reporting Standard ARS 150 Basel II Transition (Advanced ADIs)
May 2011​ Enhancements to the Basel II Framework in Australia
​January 2010 Enhanced Supervision of Life Companies