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Contacting APRA

As Australia's prudential regulator of financial institutions, APRA's responsibilities include ensuring, so far as possible, that financial institutions we regulate meet the promises they make to depositors, policyholders and superannuation fund members. In carrying out that function, APRA is interested in any information which can be provided about:
  • the financial health of the institutions we regulate
  • the prudent management of those institutions
  • any possible failure to comply with the laws APRA administers
  • APRA not properly performing its functions.
If you have information which is relevant to these issues APRA is interested in hearing from you. We prefer to receive your contact details in case we need to discuss matters further, but information provided anonymously is also accepted and will be reviewed. 
If you would like to lodge an enquiry with APRA please complete the form below. You can also contact APRA by phone on 1300 55 88 49, or on + 61 2 8037 9015 if calling from overseas. Click here for other ways to contact us.
Please ensure you complete all contact information so that APRA can respond to your enquiry.
If you choose to remain anonymous APRA will take your information seriously, but will not be able to respond to you. APRA handles all personal information in accordance with its privacy policy.

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