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Private Health Insurance Reporting forms and instructions

From 1 July 2015, Private Health Insurance reporting forms must be submitted to APRA in the formats available at the links below. The formats are identical to the previous PHIAC forms, apart from the form and tab names used in the Excel versions.

Forms and instructions can be individually downloaded from the table below or in full from Zip file of all reporting forms and instructions




Reporting Form HRF 601.0 & HRF 601.1 Statistical Data by State

Reporting Form HRF 602.0 Financial and Capital Data

Reporting Form HRF 602.0 Financial and Capital Data – Annual return

Reporting Form HRF 603.0 Statistical Data on Prosthetic Benefits


Reporting Form HRF 604.0 Medical Specialty Block Grouping Information



PLEASE NOTE: For transition purposes, APRA will accept forms using the previous PHIAC formats for the June 2015 quarterly returns ONLY. The PHIAC versions of the forms are available for download at: