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Information to assist Private Health Insurers to complete reporting forms

Frequently Asked Questions
Reporting Guidance
Audit Requirements
Letter to industry
Reporting periods and due dates
  • Quarterly forms – within 28 calendar days after the end of the reporting period.
  • Annual forms – by 30 September each year.

Note - if the due date falls on a day other than a usual business day, a private health insurer is nonetheless required to submit the information required no later than the due date. 

Annual audit requirements
By 30 September each year, a private health insurer must give to APRA an auditor’s report relating to:
a)    the information provided by the private health insurer under this Reporting Standard for each quarter in the year ending 30 June of that year; or
b)    if the private health insurer provides an amended quarterly return to replace a return referred to in paragraph (a) — the amended quarterly return.