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Private Health Insurance Membership and Coverage

The Membership and Coverage publication provides details by State of the number of insured persons for hospital treatment and general treatment and the proportion of the population these persons represent. The tables are shown on both a quarterly and an annual basis and include hospital treatment by age cohort.

Current issues

The publication is available in two versions: Adobe PDF for printing (containing data for the most recent periods) and Microsoft Excel datacube (containing a complete time series of data included in the PDF version).
  • June 2017 (issued 15 August 2017): PDF | Excel

For the archived versions of this publication produced by PHIAC, visit the PHIAC archive.


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Forthcoming issues

The next edition of the Membership and Coverage publication will be released on this webpage in:

  • September 2017: 14 November 2017

Publication details

Data in this publication are sourced from regulatory returns submitted to APRA under the Financial Sector (Collection of Data) Act 2001 by authorised Private Health Insurance companies. For blank copies of the returns and associated instructions click here.

Further issues of this publication will include short editorial information on key industry trends and analysis of key data. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement.


For more information about the statistics in this publication:
Or write to:
Manager, Private Health Insurance Statistics
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
GPO Box 9836
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