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Consultation packages

PHIAC welcomes comments on any elements of the Consultation Papers, or their Technical Annexure detailing changes. If you prefer that some, or all, of your submission remains in confidence, the confidential material should be clearly identified and included in a separate attachment. You should carefully consider the information contained in your submission as the confidentiality of your response might be affected by legal requirements such as the Freedom of Information Act 1982 or a court ordered request for information.



​Current Consultation Opportunities ​ ​
Closing Date​ ​Consultation Topic ​Circular
Reference No.

​There are no consultation topics


​ ​ ​Past Consultation Opportunities
​Date Closed ​Consultation Topic ​Circular
Reference No.
​24 January 2014

Risk Management for Private health Insurers Round 2


​04 October 2013

Standard Operating Procedure – Appointment of an External Manager


​26 September 2013 Portability Switching and Competition Discussion Paper Final ​13/19
31 July 2013​

Capital Standards Consultation Paper Round 2


​15 March 2013

Risk Management for Private Health Insurers


21 Jan 2013​

Premiums and Competition Unit Discussion Paper 1 – Competition in the Australian Private Health Insurance Market


​01 Oct 2012

Industry Consultation – Proposed Capital Standards for Private Health Insurers


​06 Jul 2012

Standard Operating Procedure – Investigation of a Private Health Insurer


​06 Apr 2012

Industry Consultation Opportunities – Proposed Outsourcing Standard for Private Health Insurers


​18 Jul 2011

Discussion Paper – Proposed Amendments to the Private Health Insurance Act 2007 to assist the Council in its regulatory oversight of the industry


​ ​ ​