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Registered Financial Corporations Reporting Requirements

Reporting Standards
(includes reporting form and Instructions)
Plain English Taxonomy Forms
ARS 750.0 DAWR Agricultural Lending ​ARF 750.0

RRS 320.0 Statement of Financial Position


RRF 320.0

RRS 320.1 Debt Securities Held


RRF 320.1

RRS 320.2 Equity Securities Held


RRF 320.2

RRS 320.3 Debt Securities on Issue


RRF 320.3

RRS 320.4 Bill Acceptances


RRF 320.4

RRS 320.5 Securities Subject to Repurchase and Resale and Stock Lending and Borrowing


RRF 320.5

RRS 331.0 Selected Revenues and Expenses


RRF 331.0

RRS 332.0 Statement of Economic Activity


RRF 332.0

RRS 391.0 Commercial Finance

Commercial Finance in NSW  RRF 391.0.1
Commercial Finance in VIC  RRF 391.0.2
Commercial Finance in QLD  RRF 391.0.3
Commercial Finance in SA  RRF 391.0.4
Commercial Finance in WA  RRF 391.0.5
Commercial Finance in TAS  RRF 391.0.6
Commercial Finance in NT  RRF 391.0.7
Commercial Finance in ACT  RRF 391.0.8

RRS 392.0 Housing Finance

Housing Finance in NSW  RRF 392.0.1
Housing Finance in VIC  RRF 392.0.2
Housing Finance in QLD  RRF 392.0.3
Housing Finance in SA  RRF 392.0.4
Housing Finance in WA  RRF 392.0.5
Housing Finance in TAS  RRF 392.0.6
Housing Finance in NT  RRF 392.0.7
Housing Finance in ACT  RRF 392.0.8


RRS 393.0 Lease Finance 

Lease Finance in NSW  RRF 393.0.1
Lease Finance in VIC  RRF 393.0.2
Lease Finance in QLD  RRF 393.0.3
Lease Finance in SA  RRF 393.0.4
Lease Finance in WA  RRF 393.0.5
Lease Finance in TAS  RRF 393.0.6
Lease Finance in NT  RRF 393.0.7
Lease Finance in ACT  RRF 393.0.8


RRS 394 .0 Personal Finance

Personal Finance in NSW  RRF 394.0.1
Personal Finance in VIC  RRF 394.0.2
Personal Finance in QLD  RRF 394.0.3
Personal Finance in SA  RRF 394.0.4
Personal Finance in WA  RRF 394.0.5
Personal Finance in TAS  RRF 394.0.6
Personal Finance in NT  RRF 394.0.7
Personal Finance in ACT  RRF 394.0.8
Old Reporting Standards