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Quarterly General Insurance Performance Statistics

The Quarterly General Insurance Performance Statistics publication provides industry aggregate summaries of financial performance, financial position, capital adequacy and key ratios.  The publication also includes detailed statistics at a class of business level, state-level premium and claims expenses, a breakdown of operating income and expenses, and more granular solvency information.
Current issues
The publication is available in three versions: Adobe PDF for printing (containing data for the most recent periods), Microsoft Excel (containing a complete time series since September 2002 of data included in the PDF version), and a database version (in a Microsoft Excel file) which contains additional statistics and can be used for further analysis.
 September 2016 (issued 17 November 2016): PDF Excel | Database
PDF version​ Excel version​ Database version​
​Periods included Most recent five periods * All since Sep 2002​ All since Sep 2002​
Number of classes of business included ​10 ​10 ​15
Calculated data items included? ** Yes Yes No​
Designed for printing?​​ Yes No No
Types of data included:
Financial performance​ ​Yes Yes​ ​Yes
   Financial position ​Yes Yes ​Yes
​   Capital adequacy ​Yes ​Yes ​Yes
​   Class of business premiums and claims ​Yes ​Yes ​Yes
   ​ State-level premium and claims Yes ​Yes ​Yes
   ​ Key ratios ​Yes ​Yes ​No **
​   Class of business key ratios Yes ​Yes ​No **
​   Breakdown of operating expenses ​No No ​Yes
   ​ Breakdown of investment income ​No ​No ​Yes
​   Class of business liabilities and recoverables ​No ​No ​Yes
​   Class of business breakdown of underwriting expenses ​No ​No ​Yes
​ ​ ​
*   PDF version also includes year-end data for the past two years.
** Calculated data items include key ratios, returns and averages.  Database version does not contain these as they are not suitable for aggregation and pivoting.  

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Past issues
Data relating to past periods since September 2002 are available in the excel and database versions of the publication.
Forthcoming issues
The next edition of the Quarterly General Insurance Performance Statistics publication will be released on this webpage by close of business on the following date:
 December 2016: 16 February 2017
Source of data
Data in this publication are sourced from regulatory returns submitted to APRA under the Financial Sector (Collection of Data) Act 2001 by authorised General Insurance companies. Statistics on Lloyd's Australian operations are not included in this publication.
For blank copies of the returns and associated instructions click here.
For more information about the statistics in this publication:
Or write to:
Manager, General Insurance Statistics
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
GPO Box 9836
Sydney NSW 2001