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Half Yearly General Insurance Bulletin

The Half Yearly General Insurance Bulletin includes detailed information at both an individual insurer and aggregate industry level, including: aggregated industry tables, key entity specific information, public insurer data, and Lloyd's Australia data. The bulletin uses full year data from each entity.
This bulletin is to replace the previously published Selected Statistics on the General Insurance Industry.
The publication is available in two formats: Adobe PDF for printing (containing data for the most recent periods) and Microsoft Excel for further analysis.
  • June 2010 (revised 27 May 2011) PDF | Excel
  • December 2009 (issued 9 June 2010) PDF | Excel
  • June 2009 (revised 17 December 2009) PDF | Excel
  • December 2008 (issued 6 August 2009) PDF | Excel
  • June 2008 (revised 25 May 2009) PDF | Excel
  • December 2007 (revised 25 May 2009) PDF | Excel
  • June 2007 (revised 25 February 2008) PDF | Excel
  • December 2006 (issued 2 August 2007) PDF | Excel
  • June 2006 (issued 1 February 2007) PDF | Excel
  • December 2005 (issued 3 August 2006) PDF | Excel
  • June 2005 (issued 30 March 2006) PDF | Excel

Publication details

APRA’s statistics publications provide the most accurate and independent overview of Australia’s general insurance industry.
The Half Yearly General Insurance Bulletin is compiled primarily from information provided to APRA as part of APRA-regulated general insurance companies’ prudential reporting requirements.
In developing the content of this publication, APRA has closely considered the detail contained in the previous publication and has consulted with both industry participants and other interested parties on the data to be published. We also took into consideration the recommendations of the HIH Royal Commission.
The Half Yearly General Insurance Bulletin will publish relevant information according to the following key principles and considerations:
  • the importance of public release of company level information;
  • adequate disclosure to assist in the protection of Australian general insurance policyholders;
  • the importance of commercial considerations for individual companies; · general insurance data which are already publicly available;
  • the disclosure regime in existence prior to July 2002; and
  • the recommendations of the HIH Royal Commission.
APRA will examine if there are additional data items that serve the considerations outlined above and that should be added in future issues and also whether some of the currently published data should be presented in a different fashion or discontinued.
We welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement.
For more information about the statistics in this publication:
Or write to:
Manager, Insurance Statistics
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
GPO Box 9836
NSW 2001