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NCPD Reports

The National Claims and Policies Database (NCPD) is a comprehensive database of policy and claim information on professional indemnity (PI) and public and product liability (PL) insurance. It contains data on every open, reopened or finalised claim and policy underwritten since 2003 by Australian APRA-regulated general insurers.
Current issue
The NCPD overview, level 1 reports and level 2 reports up to December 2016 were released on Wednesday 28 June 2017.
Overview of professional indemnity and public and product liability insurance
Explanatory notes 
Selected Feature (released 7 November 2014)
On 18 November 2014, APRA presented a report on Claims trends for liability insurance to the Institute of Actuaries, Australia, General Insurance Seminar 2014. The report is available at the link below:
NCPD level one reports for Australian APRA-regulated general insurers (released 28 June 2017)
The level 1 reports provide claims and policy information on a class of business, state and accident or underwriting year basis only.
Policy data reports – All States
Claims data reports - National
Claims data reports – NSW
Claims data reports – Victoria
Claims data reports – Queensland
Claims data reports – Western Australia
Claims data reports – South Australia
Claims data reports – Tasmania
Claims data reports – Northern Territory
Claims data reports – ACT
NCPD level one reports for Lloyd's Australia (released 28 June 2017)
Policy data reports - Lloyd's Australia
Claims data reports - Lloyd's Australia
NCPD level two reports
The level 2 reports provide information on a number of policy and claim measures such as written premium and claims incurred. The information is aggregated and provides information across fields such as state, product, industry/occupation code, limit of indemnity and excess/deductible.
Access to these reports is free of charge however you must first become a subscriber through the NCPD website. To go to the NCPD website, click here:
Forthcoming issue
The NCPD overview, level 1 reports and level 2 reports up to December 2017 will be released in the second quarter of 2018.
Contents of the NCPD
For more information about the contents of the NCPD, please see the NCPD webpage here.
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