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General Insurance Supplementary Statistical Tables

The General Insurance Supplementary Statistical Tables publication contains state level premium and claims expenses for direct insurers, and information about public insurers’ financial performance, position, and premium and claims by class of business.

Current issues

The publication is available in three versions: Adobe PDF for printing, Microsoft Excel, and a database version (in a Microsoft Excel file) which contains a full time series of statistics that are published in the PDF and Excel versions. The database version also includes statistics which were previously published in the Half Yearly General Insurance Bulletin from June 2005 to June 2010.

June 2013 (issued 27 November 2013) PDF | Excel | Database

Forthcoming issues

This is the last edition of the publication. Following consultation, APRA has transferred the publication of state-level statistics to the General Insurance Quarterly Performance Statistics publication from the September 2013 reference period, and ceased publishing statistics on public insurers. Historical information about public insurers' financial performance, position, and premiums and claims by class of business are available in the database version of the publication until the 30 June 2012 reference period.

Source of data

Direct insurers’ data in this publication are sourced from regulatory returns submitted to APRA under the Financial Sector (Collection of Data) Act 2001 by authorised General Insurance companies.

Public insurers’ information in this publications are sourced from data submitted by Australian public insurers.

For blank copies of the returns and associated instructions click here.


For more information about the statistics in this publication:

or write to:
Manager, Insurance Statistics
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
GPO Box 9836

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