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General Insurance Prudential Standards and Guidance Notes*

Subject​ Effective from
1 January 2013​
Definitions​ GPS 001
Applicable to general insurers ​and parent entities of Level 2 insurance groups​
Capital Adequacy​ GPS 110
​Capital Adequacy: Measurement of Capital GPS 112
​Capital Adequacy: Internal Model-based Method GPS 113
​Capital Adequacy: Asset Risk Charge GPS 114
​Capital Adequacy: Insurance Risk Charge GPS 115
​Capital Adequacy: Insurance Concentration Risk Charge GPS 116
​Capital Adequacy: Asset Concentration Risk Charge GPS 117
​Capital Adequacy: Operational Risk Charge GPS 118
​Assets in Australia GPS 120
Risk Management​ GPS 220
Reinsurance Management​ GPS 230
​Audit and Related Matters GPS 310
​Actuarial and Related Matters GPS 320
​Transfer and Amalgamation of Insurance Business for General Insurers GPS 410
Applicable to general insurers, Authorised Insurance NOHCs and parent entities of Level 2 insurance groups ​​
​Outsourcing CPS 231
​​Business Continuity Management CPS 232 
​Applicable to general insurers and Authorised Insurance NOHCs​ ​ ​
Governance​ CPS 510
Fit and Proper CPS 520

* Prudential standards effective until 31 December 2012 can be found on the revoked page below.


Prudential Practice Guides

Revoked General Insurance Prudential Standards and Guidance Notes