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Consolidated Group Reporting for General Insurers - February 2009

The following table shows the list of consolidated group reporting forms and instructions for General Insurers.
​Form name ​Form ​Instructions
Minimum Capital Requirement​ GRF 111.0 GRF 111.0 instructions
Determination of Capital Base​ GRF 121.0 GRF 121.0 instructions
Off Balance Sheet Exposure​ GRF 131.0 GRF 131.0 instructions
Listed Equity Holdings and Risk Charge​ GRF 141.0 GRF 141.0 instructions
Asset Exposure Concentrations and Risk Charge​ GRF 151.0 GRF 141.0 instructions
Outstanding Claims Liability – Insurance Risk Charge​ GRF 211.0 GRF 211.0 instructions
Premium Liabilities – Insurance Risk Charge​ GRF 211.1 GRF 211.1 instructions
Statement of Financial Position​ GRF 300.1 GRF 300.1 instructions
Reinsurance Assets and Risk Charge​ GRF 302.0 GRF 302.0 instructions
Statement of Comprehensive Income​ GRF 311.0 GRF 311.0 instructions
Statement of Risk by Region​ GRF 401.0 GRF 401.0 instructions
Interest in Controlled Entities, Associates and Joint Ventures​ GRF 451.0 GRF 451.0 instructions