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Archived documents provided to General Insurers

Archived letters, notes, advices etc issued to all General Insurance Companies
23/12/2009​ Lenders mortgage insurance: APRA's review of GPS 116 Attachment A
31/08/2009​ Letter to all Level 2 Insurance Groups: Release of Level 2 Reporting Standards and Forms
18/06/2009​ Letter to all Level 2 Insurance Groups: Level 2 Reporting Standards and Forms
29/05/2009​ Letter to all CEOs: Commencement of life and general insurance capital project
25/05/2009​ Amendments to GPS 114 Capital Adequacy: Investment Risk Capital Charge
18/03/2009​ Letter to all CEOs: Survey of APRA-regulated Institutions and Other Stakeholders
27/02/2009​ Letter to General Insurers: Guidance re APRA reporting on the Victorian Bushfires
27/02/2009​ Letter to Level 2 Insurance Groups: Reports Required under GPS 311 Audit and Actuarial Reporting and Valuation: Level 2 Insurance Groups
24/11/2008​ Letter to General Insurers: Capital Requirements for Government Guaranteed Debt instruments
24/05/2008​ General Insurance Target Review report
02/04/2008​ Revisions to APRA's general insurance refinements package
21/12/2007​ Initial information for the Approval of Internal Model
05/09/2007​ APRA Discussion Paper relating to foreign insurers
17/07/2007​ Classification of standard and non-standard loans - Letter to all Lenders Mortgage Insurers
28/06/2007​ General Reinsurance Australia Limited – Report of the Inspector – Part 1
03/05/2007 ​ APRA statement on direct offshore foreign insurers (DOFIs) and discretionary mutual funds (Ms)
11/04/2007​ Using an Agent to submit APRA returns - Letter to all General Insurers
26/06/2006​ Audit report required under GPS 310 - Letter to Approved Auditors
26/06/2006​ Audit report required under GPS 310 - Letter to all General Insurers
18/04/2006​ Prospective accounting letter to Insurers revoked
15/03/2006​ APRA determines certain general insurance data not ‘confidential’
06/03/2006​ Prudential Treatment of Capitalised Software Costs
15/02/2006​ Prospective accounting letter to Insurers revoked
11/01/2006​ Prospective accounting letter to Insurers revoked
06/01/2006​ Recognition of premium revenue and reinsurance expenses revoked
29/11/2005​ APRA's Response to Submissions - Adoption of Australian International Financial Reporting Standards: Prudential approach - 1. Fair value and other issues
02/11/2005​ IFRS transitional reporting
14/10/2005​ General Insurance Risk Margin Industry Report, period ending June 2004 (Correction: On 21 October 2005 the last paragraph on page four was amended to replace the word ‘auditor’s with ‘actuaries’)
28/02/2005​ Letter to General Insurers: Review Process for Capital Instruments
23/02/2005​ Proposed definition of a ‘captive’ and exemption from prudential regulation
APRA proposes non-confidentiality determination for general insurance data
31/03/2005 Change to reporting Standards – GI Annual Returns
08/11/2004 Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards-Prudential Implications Overview Paper
26/10/2004 The International Association of Insurance Supervisors has released for consultation a Draft Standard on Disclosures Concerning Investment Performance and Risks for Insurers and Reinsurers.
02/08/2004 APRA Enforceable Undertaking from Richard Mayo
29/07/2004 APRA’s approach to International Financial Reporting Standards
01/06/2004 Treatment of Intra-Group Transactions
05/04/2004 Treatment of Tier 1 Capital Instruments
06/01/2004 Changes to health insurance regulations for domestic cruise ships in Australian waters that will affect general insurers
04/12/2003 Survey on The Adoption of International Accounting Standards
07/07/2003 Quality of APRA Statistical Returns-General Insurers
11/04/2003 General Insurance Prudential Standards GPS 210
11/03/2002 Financial Reinsurance
13/02/2002 Final Prudential Standards
05/11/2001 General Insurance - Prudential Standards and Reauthorisation Procedures
02/10/2001 Approved Actuaries and Approved Auditors - Letter and Application Procedures (PDF)
03/09/2001 New Prudential Standards for General Insurance Companies
01/11/2000 Cross Industry Circular No.1 - Custodian requirements for APRA supervised entities
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