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Sound Liquidity Management Principles - Industry and Regulatory Perspectives


Thursday 3 May and Friday 4 May 2007


In this conference, APRA will discuss its current thinking on the broad direction of liquidity supervision policy against the background of developments in markets and liquidity management practice. The conference presents an opportunity for industry to highlight those aspects of APRA’s supervisory approach requiring further guidance or review, and to recommend possible changes. It also offers participants an open forum to share issues and experiences in the area of liquidity management and, in doing so, set the benchmarks for industry good practice.


Two day conference, click here for the full program details.

Program overview

Click on the name of the speaker under each session heading to view their presentation.

Opening remarks

Dr John Laker - APRA Chairman

Key observations of market trends

Issues for regulators in supervising liquidity risk

Role of intraday payment systems in liquidity management

Peter Gallagher and Lindsay Boulton - RBA: Managing system liquidity

Ratings agency perspective

Patrick Winsbury - Moody's: Bank liquidity - A rating agency perspective

Bank liquidity management practices

Liquidity reporting and disclosure

Scenario modelling

Crisis Management


Click here for the full participants list

Letter of invitation