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Letter to GIs: Survey of APRA regulated institutions and other stakeholders

5 March 2013

Next week, APRA will be conducting its third survey of regulated institutions and other relevant stakeholders to assist us in assessing APRA’s performance and effectiveness. The survey is designed to gauge stakeholder views about APRA across a range of activities described in our Service Charter (released December 2011) and our Statement of Intent (released May 2007). The first survey was conducted in 2009 with a subsequent survey conducted in 2011.

APRA has engaged Australian Survey Research (ASR) to administer the survey. Representatives of ASR will contact you or the appropriate respondent for your organisation via email in the coming week to outline the process for completing the survey. While completion of the survey is voluntary, we very much encourage you to respond.

For those institutions that are part of a broader financial group, please complete the survey on the basis of your institution alone; all regulated institutions will be contacted individually.

In most instances, the most appropriate respondent will be the person who liaises most with APRA, but the survey may need to be answered by more than one person within your organisation. When all questions have been answered, we would ask the Chief Executive Officer (or equivalent) to complete a declaration to endorse the responses prior to submitting the survey.

When completing the survey, please be open and frank in your answers. APRA will not be able to identify individual responses and the results will be published only in aggregate form.

If you have any questions about your participation in the survey, please contact our Senior Communications Advisor, Charlie Hooper, on 02 9210 3052 or by email at

This letter does not contain the link to the survey. The link will be emailed by Australian Survey Research in the coming week.

We look forward to your support for this initiative.

Yours sincerely,

John Laker