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AUSkey Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Certificates
All digital certificates expired on 31 May 2014. You will need to obtain an AUSkey to view or submit returns using D2A.
Digital certificates are no longer issued by APRA.

How do I get an AUSkey?

First you should check if your organisation has an AUSkey administrator, as administrators can issue standard AUSkeys to individuals within their organisation. If your organisation does not have an AUSkey administrator or you do not know who your organisation’s AUSkey administrator is, please refer to the AUSkey website and click Registering for AUSkey to begin the registration process.

When should I get an AUSkey?

Entities that do not already have an AUSkey administrator are able to obtain an AUSkey straight away. APRA encourages entities to register for an AUSkey as soon as possible. Each individual who will be submitting data through D2A will need their own AUSkey.

What acknowledgement process does my entity need to complete?

Before using AUSkey with D2A, the CEO, CFO, Prudential Contact or Company Secretary of a reporting entity is required to acknowledge to APRA that it is responsible for who is authorised to use an AUSkey (by the entity’s AUSkey administrator) and for who has access to D2A within the entity. Refer to the AUSkey acknowledgement process for details.

  • AUSkey Acknowledgement form - For entities who cannot complete the AUSkey acknowledgement process via APRA extranet.
  • Agent Authorisation form - For reporting entities to authorise an agent to submit returns on behalf of the reporting entity - e.g. insurer or RSE Licensee.
Please note, under the new Superannuation Reporting Standards, there are some D2A returns now required to be completed at the RSE Licensee level as well as returns at the RSE level. Previously, agent authorisations were recorded at the RSE (fund) level only. An additional authorisation is required where RSE Licensees permit an agent to submit returns at the RSE Licensee level on their behalf.
Please ensure the contact information for the CEO, CFO, Prudential Contact or Company Secretary is up to date in APRA’s database. Contact the APRA registrar ( to update your details if required.

When can I use my AUSkey with D2A? 

Entities can use AUSkey to submit and view returns in D2A when they have completed the required acknowledgement process.

When does my AUSkey expire?

Your AUSkey does not expire as long as it is used at least once every 12 months.

Do I need to link my AUSkey to APRA like I did with the ATO?

No, APRA does not need you to link your AUSkey in the same way as the ATO. However, the name, email address and role information must be up to date on the APRA database for the people with the following roles within your organisation; CEO, CFO, Prudential Contact and Company Secretary.

Please contact the APRA Registrar to update the details for these individuals or to find out what details are currently on record.

Can I use a Device AUSkey with D2A?

No, D2A does not support the use of Device or USB AUSkeys.

I use an Agent (external administrator) to submit returns on my entity’s behalf; can my agent use an AUSkey?

Agents and their employees must obtain their own AUSkey (i.e. linked to the Agent’s ABN) when their digital certificates expire. APRA-reporting entities that use Agents to submit returns on their behalf, must authorise the Agent to submit data to APRA and view past returns via D2A. This process will be completed  using the APRA Extranet.

AUSkey further information

Please note that APRA does not issue or manage AUSkey.

For further information about AUSkey, please refer to the  AUSkey website or call 1300 AUSKEY (1300 287 539).