Key highlights

Graphic showing key highlights of 2015/16. On 1 July 2015 APRA assumed responsibility for the prudential supervision of private health insurers. On 6 July 2015 an information paper was released on prudential considerations in relation to shared computing services, including cloud. On 13 July 2015 APRA released the results of an international study comparing the capital position of Australian banks with international peers. On 20 July 2015 APRA announced an increase in capital required for Australian residential mortgage exporsurers for ADIs using the internal ratings-based approach to credit risk. On 14 August 2015 APRA released new guidance on the use of restricted terms in relation to banking services. On 27 November 2015 Helen Rowell was announced as APRA deputy chairmanand Geoff Summerhayes as the new APRA member. On 17 March 2014 the first online version of the quarterly APRA Insight publication was released. On 29 march 2016 APRA released risk and governance standards for conglomerates. On 31 March 2016 APRA released consultation on implementation of the Net Stable Funding Ratio (NDFR) to strengthen the resilience of ADIs. On 8 April 2016 APRA released a report into failure of Trio Capital. On 14 June 2016 APRA sydney office relocated to 1 Martin Place. On 21 June 2016 APRA released a discussion paper on the role of actuaries within insurers. On 21 June 2016 APRA launched a new website with information on the Financial claims scheme for banking and general insurers.

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