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Economic research and analysis are an important part of APRA's commitment to improving financial regulation. Most research at APRA is conducted by the research unit in the Policy Research and Statistics Division. The research unit undertakes empirical research into issues of regulatory importance.  The research identifies risks, describes patterns of behaviour, or comments on industry practices, all with the aim of improving the soundness of financial institutions regulated by APRA.
APRA is dedicated to encouraging debate among academics, practitioners and policy-makers in all aspects of financial regulation. To do so, the research unit:
  • publishes a series of Working Papers based on its own empirical research;
  • acts as the industry partner to up to four PhD candidates through the Capital Market CRC PhD Research Program;
  • administers the Brian Gray Scholarship Program, which bestows up to $50,000 annually to Australian students researching topics relevant to APRA;
  • administers the Research Grant Program, which provides up to $50,000 annually to outside researchers to examine issues relating to prudential regulation;
  • processes requests by independent researchers for data drawn from the information regularly collected by APRA; and
  • maintains strong relationships with leading universities and research institutions, providing financial support to the Centre for Pensions and Superannuation at the University of New South Wales and to several annual conferences.